Becoming Someone: Disney Princesses

If there is one argument I will always win, it is who the best Disney princess is.  I recommend having this conversation at the office, on a date, with your family, with ANYONE.  You’ll be amazed at how passionate people are, but I think I am one of THE MOST PASSIONATE about this issue.  Sleeping Beauty is CLEARLY the best.
  1. She has amazing hair that defies gravity.
  2. Her gorgeous dress changes color.
  3. Her man sings (In a very manly way).
  4. Her man dances (In a very manly way).
  5. Her man slays a killer dragon to save her!
  6. She sings.
  7. She dances.
  8. Her man saves her life with a kiss.  Oh, what?  Snow White does, too?  No.  Snow’s kiss was weak sauce.  (See the difference in the pictures below).
  9. She has the greatest friends.
  10. She’s down-to-earth.
  11. Even the animals like her.
  12. Her castle is the main event at Disneyland, Disneyworld, and the opener of all Disney movies.  Legit.

  Why Snow isn’t the best.
  1. She’s pasty.
  2. Her voice is royally  annoying.
  3. Lame kiss.
  4. Perpetuates the wicked stepmother stereotype
Why Cinderella isn’t the best.
  1. Perpetuates the wicked stepmother stereotype
  2. Wearing glass slippers encourages young girls to go through pain for beauty.
  3. She’s always just doing what people tell her to do-not a positive role model for young girls.
  4. Going from a life of poverty to a life of a princess will only cause in-law and marital strife (Princess Diana Syndrome)
  5. Doesn’t have a mind of her own
Why Belle isn’t the best.
  1. She falls in love with an abusive man who put both her and her dad in prison.
  2. Even when her man changes from a beast to a man, he still looks ugly.
Why Ariel isn’t the best.
  1. She is 16 when she falls in love with an older man whom she’s never spoken to and is determined to give up her whole world and family to be with him. 
  2. “Sure she’s got everything...I want more.” We should be teaching our children to be grateful.
Why Jasmine isn’t the best.
  1. Put some clothes on, honey.
  2. She's tan, and I'm not, and I'm bitter. :)
Who's YOUR favorite Disney Princess and WHY?


  1. Ok this was an AWESOME post! The first reason why Belle isn't the best, made me laugh SO hard.

  2. I like the the Frog Princess! Such a cute flick and the princess can sing and dance. She is not afraid to kiss a frog! She is also an amazing cook! Sleeping Beauty can't cook! She is too busy catching up on her beauty rest! Plus the Frog Princess marries a man who looks as hot as Will Smith!

  3. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love it. I want you to know I am still the one at work fighting for Sleeping Beauty. It's a tough fight, but I'm fighting it! And Jasmine should put some clothes on.

    P.S. If Anastasia were a Disney Princess, Dimitri would be the best prince. You should totally make a Disney Prince post.


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