Becoming a Cake Decorator: Kids Weekend

This weekend we had four of my cousins stay in our 2-bedroom apartment while their parents were on vacation.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  We learned important things like, we have "boring cereal." (We quickly ran to get Cap'n Crunch).  I learned that I "Don't act like a grown-up" (Don't I know it).  Landon Paul was informed that it was "awful" that he had to go to school AND work and also learned who Selena Gomez is.  The girls were in a fit of giggles at the fact that he had never heard of her before.  

Bailey informed us that she was "Trying to cut back on her salt, because salt can stop your heart, and she likes hers."  She also said "This is a good chance to see if you guys can handle kids.  You have 3 middle schoolers and an elementary schooler.  How are you taking it?"  She is an organizational queen and wanted me to write down each plan for the day, a girl of my own heart.  (I had already written down a plan for each day, so it was no problem).  Kirtley was my cleaner.  She could always be found straightening the towels and blankets.  One time I couldn't find her, and she was in our bedroom putting Landon Paul's clothes away!  I told her he was a big boy, and he had to do those himself.  

We watched movies all night long, Ice Age 2, Little Rascals, Furry Vengeance, Night at the Museum 2, Where the Red Fern Grows, etc.  We also ate our weight in junk food:  Pizza, Bagel Bites, grilled cheese, s'mores, cake, which reminds me...I need to exercise.  The girls said their most favorite part of the weekend was decorating this cake, so I thought I'd post those pics first.  

Chocolate cake, pudding filling, and butter cream frosting!  Delightful!
We all love pink, so we really had no choice!
Didn't they do great?  I love these girls!

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