Becoming a Decorator: Kitchen

A few months ago, Landon Paul and I moved into a new apartment, and we LOVE IT.  This week I'll take you on a tour of the place.  Today, the kitchen.  Our last apartment's kitchen was red and black, using a lot of decor we'd been given, but for the new place, I was ready for something a little brighter.
I figured green, orange, and yellow should do the trick.  Next to the fridge is our meal plan.  The Food Nanny is all about planning your meals two weeks in advance.  That's a little intense for me, but planning a week in advance has made cooking SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!  I get the ingredients ahead of time, and I don't have to wonder what's for dinner.  Try it!  You'll never go back!

We reupholstered the chairs green, and on the left is the Proclamation on the Family.  It was a gift, and they watermarked our engagement picture on it.  Such a great idea!  The middle is a bright yellow flower.  On the right, I made a sign with the cricut that says, "Follow Your  Bliss."  A coworker had written it on her notebook, and I just loved it.
When we saw the place, I liked it instantly, but the kitchen tipped me over the edge...especially because there's a DISHWASHER!  For the first 2 years (and 2 months but who's counting) of our marriage, we were washing by hand, now we're living the good life!


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