Becoming Fearless: Freeway

Traffic Alert: Prepare to be AnnoyedThursday night Landon Paul asked, "Would you, um, like to go on a date with me Friday night?"  Cute, right?  We went to dinner, the mall, and redbox.  It was grand.  We each tried to find something at the mall that we wanted for $20 or less.  No luck, but we did get some Christmas gifts for our family and yummy smelling stuff from Bath & Body Works!  Saturday morning I taught a blogging class for some ladies at my Church.     It was a lot of fun.  Then, drum roll please, I drove on the freeway.

My fear of the freeway is not irrational.
1. Every day there is a wreck and often a death on that freeway that I hear about on the news.
2. There's traffic and construction, and it's just plain scary.
3. Landon Paul and I were in a nasty rollover 3 years ago, car was totalled, concussions, whiplash, the works.  (It was because of black ice and not freeway traffic but still).
4. Where I come from (It's corn bread and chicken), we do not have traffic like this.

BUT, it had to be done.  (Our car has been in the shop for two weeks-yuck, so we borrowed my in-laws car, and we needed to get it back to them).  So, Landon Paul drove their car, I drove ours right behind him, and we got it done.  And guess what?  No one was harmed in the process, AND I only got honked at once, AND I'm not even sure they were honking at me, BUT I always assume they are, BECAUSE they usually are.  (Man, how many sentences did I just string together?)

A big goal for this blog is to get over my fears, and guess what?  I'm on the road to recovery.  After the successful 45-minute freeway trip, we saw Pirates of Penzance, which was INCREDIBLE, and I haven't been able to stop singing, "I am a pirate king," which is fine, because it's amazing.

Is anyone else afraid of the freeway?  I really don't think I'm crazy, or very crazy, or any more crazy than anyone else. :)  Man, conjunctions are fun!


  1. Julie you are so cute! I love this post. Congratulations on driving on the freeway! I am not looking forward to driving in the snow, black ice etc...I always made my companions drive on the mission in Chicago! Scary!!

  2. I feel ya sister! Once a week I drive to Little Rock and I sit straight as a nail and my knuckles are white from holding on so tight! Scary business! Good job on the success! :)


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