Becoming Someone: Favorites Update

It all began about six months ago when my friend got engaged.  Her boyfriend proposed with her favorite book.  She had several copies of this book and was so in love with it that her fiancee knew that the perfect way to propose had to include this book.  Well, I realized I couldn't think of my favorite book.

Then, my brother told me about his wife's favorite flower and how he always knew what to get her, because it was her favorite by a landslide.  Well, I realized I couldn't think of my favorite flower.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)Things like this continued till I decided I really needed to make some decisions.  Here's the progress...
  • Favorite color: North Carolina Blue
    • Katelyn commented a while back and said that picking a favorite color should be about what the color reminds you of, what it makes you think about, etc.  Blue is relaxing and beautiful.  It was my favorite as a youngin and is officially still my favorite. 
  • Favorite food: Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice
    • Has been since the beginning of time.  My mom used to make it for me on my birthday.  It's delicious.
  • Favorite book(s): Harry Potter & To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Okay, there are two, but seriously, they're totally different, so I can have different genre favorites. :)
  • Season: Fall
  • Favorite Thing Outdoors: Waterfalls
    • Which helped my favorite color to be blue.
Now I really need to pick a favorite flower.  What's your favorite and why?  I need ideas.  Have a GREAT WEEKEND! 


  1. Awe! I was mentioned in your blog! Thanks Julie! I am glad I could help you figure out your favorite color. :D

    But, I can't help you with the favorite flower, cause I don't have one.

  2. Mine are daisies. I have loved them ever since I saw You've Got Mail and Tom Hanks brings Meg Ryan a bunch of daisies and she puts them in a lime green vase. Aside from just liking them as a cute, happy flower, they are a good favorite flower because (1) they last a long time and (2) they are cheap so Jeff doesn't have to break the bank to buy me flowers.

    And yes, I will send your pictures with Jeff tomorrow. :)

  3. My favorite flower is a circus rose because it a mix between a red rose and a yellow rose. It is a very unique flower. I would have used this flower for my wedding but it didn't work out. Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

  4. Gerber Daisies! They are so big, bright, and happy!

  5. i love the gerber daisies as well for the reasons stated above plus the color selection, you can pick out almost any color and there's a gerber daisy for it.

  6. Dear Julie,

    You are me. How did I clone myself? I don't know. I love all of the same things. I will tell you your favorite flower. It Stargazer Lillies! Are you kidding me? Darlin' you know you love all things lilly.

  7. Gerber daisies too. Pretty popular flower apparently! They are beautiful, big, happy--- but I cant think of their smell, so it must not be that great. Maybe you could pick your flavor based on smell... ?


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