Becoming a Cake Decorator: Pretty Flowers

Thank you so much for your comments helping me with favorites!!!  I'm noticing a serious daisy trend!  I'm going to do some research and find my all-time fave.  It's so helpful getting ideas from you guys!  THANK YOU!  As far as cake decorating goes, I have a new fave: The lily.  Easy to make and easy on the eyes.  I took this picture after I had let them sit and melt a little bad, but I like the concept of these ones.  Once again my royal icing was being sassy, but next week we have butter cream!  Hoo-rah!  Landon Paul is really excited, because butter cream tastes way better than royal icing (In addition to being way easier to use).  Everyone wins!  Our final class is this Wednesday, and I think I"ll bring the cake to our neighborhood Halloween party.  I love 2-for-1 specials!

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