Becoming All Ready for Christmas: Santa Hats

So...I graduated...from college...last April.  Now I work all day and have no idea how to spend my time in the evening while Landon Paul studies.  Seriously, you can't go from having every moment of everyday scheduled to having free time!  It's weird!  Hence, the random projects, hence the blog, hence what you see here.  I saw these super cute Santa hats on Thrifty Decor Chick and had to try them.  (It gave me the chance to go to Hobby Lobby for the first time.  I bought a hot glue gun and everything.  I felt so legit).  I do love how they turned out!  What holiday crafts have you started?  Any suggestions of another one I should try?


  1. Do you have a bannister in your house? I have the cutest garland that I've been making that is such a fun activity - I can teach you! (PS I was Landon's good friend in high school, I'm not just some random person!)

  2. SOOO cute!!! I love them!! What are they made of??

    Something else fun to do is to buy the clear plastic snowflakes and glue glitter all over them!!

    ...not very crafty, but an excellent excuse to play in glitter :)


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