Becoming Someone: Favorite Ice Cream

A few months ago, I was describing my absolute obsession with ice cream (A bowl a day keeps the doctor away) to a friend.  He then asked what my favorite kind was, and I had no answer!  This leads me to my new quest: Find the most delicious ice cream brand and flavor.  I've got a lot of taste testing to do!  What's your favorite?  Breyers?  Dreyers?  Ben & Jerry's?  Something else?


  1. OH HEY!! Now that we are in the new building, our ice cream quest must begin! We cannot forget!

  2. haha oh no. thats tuckers life rule.. that i adapted after we got married. I could NOT believe how much ice cream he eats..
    My fav is udderly chocolate from Tillamook
    but i'm poor so my "Poor man'S Fav" is winco brand of death by chocolate

  3. I agree tillamook is my favorite when we have the money to spend on it. Sometimes do anyways, their mudslide is so delicious! If we don't want to spend that i also like the winco brand, or we shop and get breyers for really good prices at albies.

  4. Chocolate Extreme Blizzard from Dairy Queen! THEE BEST EVER! It is true you do love ice cream!


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