Someone's Help Wanted: Crocheting

Looking For:
Someone who lives close by
Who knows how to crochet
Who has a lot of patience with a dork like myself
It won't take long....I hope
(I'm doing something wrong, and the online tutorials aren't helping me figure it out what it is)
I'll make you dinner...and dessert...and love you forever :)
The end.


  1. if you find that person and they teach you, please pass your knowledge on to me! I've tried like 3 times to learn how, and have failed each time...

  2. I had a mini teaching lesson with Elizabeth Brady haha.. Maybe I can help you?? let me know!! are you even in boise? I thought so but i may be wrong.
    I'm in meridian. :)

  3. Julie- Jed knows how to crochet- and he said he wouldn't mind showing you his "skills." I learned how to crochet 10 years ago- so between the 2 of us we could probably figure it out. and it would be fun to get together!


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