Becoming Buff

P90X PlyometricsP90X is a killer workout, and I love it.  My whole body hurts.  I could hardly get out of bed this morning, but it really works.  I love that it's an at home workout that really pushes ya and that Landon Paul and I can do it together.  We each have our strengths, and we can push each other to be better.  Is anyone else doing P90X right now?  What's your favorite way to workout? 

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  1. Have fun with P90X! I did it with my sister last year (as much as we could do with two tiny ones running around... I often used my little boy as a weight lift to keep him entertained! haha) We often did the workout without the commentary because his comments often made us laugh, especially during yoga. How in the world are you to focus with that guy during yoga?! haha Well, at least that's how we felt.


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