Becoming a Couponer...or Not isn’t working out so well.  None of the sites I’ve been recommended to have coupons for products I would actually use, or they’re name brand coupons and the store brand is still cheaper.  Suggestions?  I’m wondering if I should go back to shopping the sales and buying in bulk.  Does anyone have brilliant couponing suggestions for me, or is it time to throw in the towel?  I always save coupons I'll actually use, but as for searching daily and always shopping with them, it's just not looking promising.  Thoughts?


  1. I think you have to use the name brand coupons when the thing is on sale. All the sites and people I've talked to say to combine them... and that's how you save. I also heard the newspaper coupons are better. All I find on-line are Pillsbury and Betty Crocker. And only need so many biscuits and cakes before its just ridiculous. I agree with you. It seems good coupon-ers spend all day looking for coupons. More time invested than I like.

  2. I braved the couponing world for a month and lost. I found that alot of the coupons were for things that I didn't really need, so I ended up spending more because they weren't necessary. One website I used was - you might find it rather helpful if you decide to stick with it. I had a relief society activity last night that was enlightening for me. This lady said the only way she can save money is by meal planning because couponing is too overwhelming for her. You might already do this, but I am not consistent. She said she goes grocery shopping once a week and plans on buying ingredients for 8-9 meals including the side dishes. She said this has really helped her to stay within their budget.


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