Becoming a Cook: Stir Fry

Brown rice
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
Cooked chicken
Soy sauce or olive oil

SO easy and SO yummy!  Cook your brown rice however floats your fancy.  I always use the rice cooker, and it takes an hour and a half.  When it has 15 minutes left, heat up the skillet on the stove for a minute.  Then coat the pan in a Tbsp. of vegetable oil.  Add cooked and cut chicken and stir it all around with the vegetables.  (I'm really bad at eating vegetables, but when they're steamed they actually taste good).  I add soy sauce to mine, because it makes everything better.  Landon Paul's has to be ulcer-friendly, so he puts olive oil on his.  Put it all together, and LIFE IS GOOD.

On the side, I found some edamame in the freezer section that you steam in your MICROWAVE- cool, right?   That was DELISH.  We also had a little Jell-o salad, so the whole plate didn't look green.  Are there any other Asian food lovers out there?  Mmm, it's my total fave, and this one is ulcer-friendly!  Score!

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