Becoming Fearless: Road Trip!

"Faith and fear cannot coexist. One gives way to the other. The simple fact is we all need to constantly build faith and overcome sources of destructive disbelief" (Elder Kevin W. Pearson).  Entire talk here.

I'm really working on getting over my fears.  Ever since our nasty wreck a few years ago, I've had a hard time making that trip home to Boise in the winter, but we went last weekend!  We drove to my hometown, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  I'm SO GLAD WE WENT!  The weather and roads were just fine, and we were able to help my baby sister get ready for the Sweethearts Dance.  She looked so pretty!  (I can't believe she's almost 17, and I'll post pics as soon as she gets them back).  I LOVE being home.  Boise is a little piece of heaven.  If you haven't been, you seriously should.  I got to see old friends and just hang with my fam.  Oh, I'm so glad we went.  I can't wait till we go again!

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  1. A road trip sounds fun right now! I'm itching to something new on the weekends!


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