Becoming a Mountain Woman: Show Shoeing

Landon Paul and I usually stay pretty busy in the summers, but last week we realized that we have become total shut-ins lately.  So, we decided to get out and go show shoeing!  
For Landon Paul, being in the outdoors is all about relaxing.  For me, it's all about the views.  Look at those mountains!
It got really fun when we went off the beaten trail.  We followed this stream (Or crick depending on what floats your fancy-floats!  Haha, I digress) that was usually frozen but every once in a while broke through the ice.  It was so cool (Punny)!  
We'll definitely go again.  It's a great workout, a great date, and a great way to see how pretty winter can be.  What's your favorite winter activity?


  1. WHERE DID YOU GO??? I have so wanted to go snowshoeing but I don't know where to go!

  2. Look at you all mountain woman-y! Snow shoeing looks like tons of fun and the views you showed were beautiful. You two look so happy and like you're having a ton of fun. Hope all is going well!


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