Becoming Someone with Favorites

So I am loving these dinner disasters!  Keep commenting your best ones!  I'll do a special post on them!

Landon Paul and I recently started discussing who we believe are the best-looking actors and actresses.  After much deliberation, we've up with the following:

Hugh Jackman & Catherine Zeta-Jones

For reals, right?  Stunning!
What say you?  Who IS the most beautiful?  (Said like, "You ARE the weakest link" lol).


  1. I have only two real celebrity crushes... and Hugh Jackman is my NUMBER ONE... The other is Ty Pennington! They're so sexy. And Catherine is definitely a babe, you're right.

  2. The fact that Hugh Jackman played Wolverine (aka Logan) totally sealed the deal for me when we were deciding on Logan's name.


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