Becoming a Cook: Gluten-Free Pizza

So I got a mix of gluten-free crust.  I followed the directions, and, as you can see, it was NASTY.  I know the picture looks bad, but it tasted even worse (And I'm not picky)!  
Landon Paul immediately got on the phone and ordered a gluten-free pizza for me and a normal one for him from Pier 49, and it was DELICIOUS. 
What is your BEST (worst/funniest/most memorable) dinner disaster?  I'll post the best one!  (Basically I have too many epic fails to count and want to know I'm not alone)! :)


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  2. I have a couple dinner disasters, but I'll go with the most recent because it seems the most traumatic at the moment. This last Wednesday, I found out that we were going to be leaving on a last minute trip to Arizona the next day for my husband's grad school interview so I spent the day making preparations and packing. But it was also my turn to cook (I live at my in-laws right now, so I take turns cooking with my mother-in-law) so I decided to grill hamburgers outside. Well, I turned the grill on to get hot while I got everything else ready inside. Then I went outside to put the burgers on the grill, and when I opened the lid to the grill, I heard a huge pop. I didn't know what it was, so I finished and went inside. A couple of minutes later I went back outside to flip the burgers and noticed that the window that was by the grill had a huge crack running down it. Suddenly I knew what I had heard earlier. The grill was too close to the house and the heat made the window break! So I flipped the patties and ran inside to confess to my in-laws. I was only gone for a couple of minutes, and when I came back outside to get the burgers, they were completely on fire and had shrunk so that when I removed them from the grill, very few looked edible. I mean, we're talking hard, thick, pucks of burned hamburger. I was so humiliated and just wanted to cry. Thankfully, there were enough "good" ones that everyone had enough to eat. Talk about a stressful day that didn't end well!

  3. Poor Tari! I messed up the very first meal I cooked for Ben and I as a married couple! The sad thing is that I screwed up spaghetti! I was trying to complete a homework assignment and I got distracted while the noodles were cooking. My water boiled so long that most of it evaporated and my noodles were so overcooked they fell apart! It was really nasty but Ben ate away with a smile on his face. I also tried to cook Cornish game hens in a crock pot! First of all mini frozen birds are gross! When they were done cooking I was taking them out of the crock pot and I found a bobby pin that fell out of my hair while putting them in! Good thing I wasn't cooking for other people! We ordered pizza that night as well!


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