Becoming Someone with Favorites: Guilty Pleasure
The finale is next week!  If Brad doesn't pick Emily, he'll (once again) be the most hated man on TV.  If he proposes and then breaks her heart, he'll be unforgivable.  Don't blow it, buddy!  Who do you want to be the next Bachelorette?  I vote Ashley S.!   



  1. Um, YES to all the above. Ashely S. is my favorite. And I really really really want Brad and Emily to be together!!

  2. I just watched the tell all and I COMPLETELY think they'd choose Ashley S. She would be so perfect.

  3. Oh, I soooo hope that Brad chooses Emily. Although it does seem like he's more comfortable around Chantel than Emily. CANT WAIT until MONDAY! :) Glad you watch it too!


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