Becoming a Reader: Mockingjay

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)Seriously, guys!  I'm obsessed!  This is officially one of my most favorite series of all time!  It's so intense!  There are so many twists!  It's political, it's intriguing, it shows the power one.  The ending was absolutely amazing.  In a word-WOW!  I'm still reeling!  Who read it?  What did you think?


  1. I actually didn't like Mockingjay as much as the first two. I guess some things just got too unbelievable, and I hated who all died, and certain relationships, and on and on. I like how the story ended, but maybe it just got too war-like, too screwed up. I don't know. I loved the series overall, but not this book.

  2. I read the Hunger Games, but I still have to read the other two. I'm excited though, because I really enjoyed Hunger Games!


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