Becoming a Decorator: China

When Landon Paul and I were engaged, we registered for the most beautiful china set. When we got home and looked online to see what we had registered for, we were shocked. The price of the china was insane.  I was embarrassed, removed it from the list, and hoped no one thought I was asking them to buy this ridiculously expensive stuff for us.  Result: We did not have a china set.

Flash forward: Landon Paul and I go antiquing. It’s the only kind of shopping I find fun, and we were finding good stuff when I saw it, sent from up above: A china set. A Bavarian china set to be exact, very old, very beautiful, and in excellent condition.
I couldn’t believe it. I loved the design and the history and really think I would have picked it out at a regular store.  Not to mention, it was a steal!

We decided we had no choice. We had to purchase.
Now we officially have china that we love and adore, and I officially love antiquing!


  1. Bah! Jealous! Almost the same thing happened to us.... but Trevor checks the price on EVERYTHING {its the accountant in him} so we didn't even get to register for a china set.. not that I remember anyways.

    Where did you find this one? I LOVE thrifting and antiquing... but I'm only brilliant enough to go to DI. haha.

  2. I LOVE it! You guys are great at finding deals on wonderful things. One day I'll be like you...


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