Becoming a Decorator: Spare Room

Welcome to our spare bedroom/office/garage
Stressful, eh?  (My minimalist tendencies kept me far away from this room).
We have lots of shelves Landon Paul built and other organizers, but we outgrew it, and lots of stuff ended up on the floor. 
But that was yesterday.  Now it looks like this!
We got a small trailer which is now our "Garage on wheels."  Landon Paul can do his woodworking projects out there, and we can use this as an office and guest room!
Look at the emptiness!!!  Such happiness!
Now we can actually decorate some walls, maybe get a nice couch or something, but for the next few days, I'm going to enjoy the empty space!

1 comment:

  1. I think admitting it was the first step. Maybe I should post a pic of a certain bedroom in our house? Hmmmmm. Maybe not. Or you should come and organize me (again) Ideas for decorating: Put your mothers picture in your bedroom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love you and have a wonderful day!


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