Becoming Gluten-Free: Restaurants've been pleasantly surprised at how many restaurants have gluten-free options!  My FAVORITES so far:

1. Red Robin:
They have an entire binder full of choices for people with food restrictions (Wheat, shellfish,dairy, you name it!)  I'm able to get my favorite burger (the Royal Red Robin).  They just wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun!  HAPPINESS! P.F. Chang's:
Their gluten-free menu is on their regular menu!  It makes you not feel like a freak!  They have appetizers, main dishes, AND dessert!  I had this chocolate heavenly thing drizzled in raspberries.  OH MY GOODNESS!  SO GOOD!

3. Pier 49 Pizza:
They have a gluten-free pizza, and it's delicious!

4. Robintino's:
Their gluten-free pizza is unbelievably good.
5. The Spaghetti Factory:
We thought we were getting greedy by even asking these guys if they had a gluten-free menu, but they do! I got to have fettuccini alfredo, people (Made with rice noodles).  I LOVE fettuccini alfredo, and this one was sooo good!

What is YOUR favorite restaurant?


  1. We discovered this weekend that Outback Steakhouse has a fabulous gluten free menu. I guess the owner's wife has ciliac's so they are super careful when preparing their gluten free menu. Aimee was sooo excited to see such a huge gluten free menu with really good food.

  2. That's awesome! I really need to share these things your finding out, because Kevin's sister is allergic too. And need gluten free meals!

  3. Did I miss something?? I didn't know you were allergic to gluten! Was this a recent discovery, or have you always known?


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