Becoming Pumped!

So, call me 12, but I've really been excited about this royal wedding thing.  I even had a dream that I had dinner with the royal family,.  It felt so real!  I remember thinking I should make my facebook status that we had just eaten together!  Ha!  It's just so exciting!  The ring: ba-da-bling!  Diana's forever-long veil and train are classic wedding images in my head.  Not to mention that gorgeous cathedral?!? Wha-bam!

-She'll be the first queen with a college degree.
-How does she get her hair to do that?  Jealous.
-Have you seen The Queen?  We love it!

Who else is excited about this weddin?

I'm thinking a party is in order: Crazy hats, classy dresses, beautiful cake, the works.  I need ideas, especially for the cake!

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    Here are the cakes that are served at the wedding.


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