Becoming a Cook: Dinner Disasters

Like all great dinner disaster stories, this one begins with "When we were first married..." we were first married, I found a tator tot casserole recipe.  It was in the easy section of the cookbook, so I thought I was safe.  I put everything together and knew enough to brown the beef.  What I didn't know was that I had bought the fatty beef that needs to be strained.  I just added all the beef (Including the nasty fatty goop) into the tator tot casserole.  We dug in, and it was NAS to the TY.  Seriously, I don't think either of us could handle more than one bite.  I had never had tator tot casserole before, so I thought it was just the recipe!  It was months later when Landon Paul was cooking with me that I saw him strain the beef.  Suddenly I realized why it hadn't been quite so delicious.  Epic fail.  I've never tried that recipe again and have no desire to.

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