Becoming Someone with Bangs?

So here's the thing-hair has never been my forte, and I don't have girl roommates anymore who can give me hair tips, so I really really really need your help. :)

Remember when I said I wanted to redo my hair?  I ended up getting me some bangs and doing some red highlights.  It was subtle.  I like it, but this time I want to something CRAZY DIFFERENT.

Note: Thin swoopy bangs don't really work.  See this photo?  They just hang to the side awkwardly.  So I've been collecting ideas over the last little bit, and I NEED YOU TO VOTE on what I should do.  We start with the bangs dilemma...
Sept08Hair_Courtney_article2.jpg_e_63d51a6c885c0071b3a74da4341ed27e.jpg (JPEG I
The no bangs look (Option 1)
The soft bangs look (Option 2)
The straight bangs look (Option 3)
Google Image Result for
The thick swoopy bangs look (Option 4) 
*My hope is that if I make them a little thicker they'll actually swoop, but will they?  Help please.*

P.S. If you have any other ideas,  PLEASE SHARE!


  1. I made my swoop thicker and it didn't help much :( I am getting my hair done soon as well and have no clue what to do! I think you should do some blonde highlights for summer!

  2. Okay, just my opinion, but I think you'd look dang cute with (like the above comment) some highlights of blond. But not blond like me (that'd be wayyyy bright for you hair, ya know?), I'm thinking like a few shades lighter, and scattered all over. So no chunks. Then there's the bangs. Hmmmm. That's so hard cuz everyone likes different things. I finally got bangs because Kevin told me that he thinks "girls with bangs are hott." So I cut em. At first they felt weird, but then I got used to them. I also noticed your pic with side bangs. One thing I found out with mine is that I have to part FURTHER over to get that "desired" look. And have good hairspray to hold em in place. :) I use "Freeze It".
    Whew. Sorry this is so long, hope it helps!

  3. So. I vote yes on the bangs. I think you'd look super cute with a soft bangs cut. Also, red with strawberry carmel highlights would look cute if you want to go lighter. Or you could just go super warm brunette. Or you could A-line cut it. I will stop by Monday to discuss further ;)

  4. Audrey: I'm going to try the part further over. I have a cowlick, so it'll be tricky, but you have FABULOUS hair, so I trust you :)
    Sara: Thanks for the tip on thickness, I'm steering away from that now.
    Danielle: We must discuss this Monday :)

  5. So the fabulous Amy Robinson gave me a tip on keeping side swept bangs in place when I got my bangs senior year. She said to rat them first and then smooth over the top so you don't look like you got electricuted and then spray with hairspray and if you need it, secure the very ends with a bobby pin hidden under the rest of your hair. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I guess another way is to do Utah hair on your bangs, but the end result isn't for them to be poofy it's just to give them the thickness without having to actually have more hair in the bangs. I hope that helps if you decide to do a side swept bang. As for what to do? I don't know, I have even given up on my own hair for the time being... :)

  6. i found that with my side swoop bangs to make it them do the swoop that i, one part off to the side and then when I blow dry it i use my straightener to help them swoop.

  7. Good news is you can kind of do both option 2 and option 4. It would be shorter side swept bangs than the picture, but you could still have the same effect. And then you could switch it up on a day to day basis. Sometimes I have legitimate bangs on my forehead, and other times they are swept to the side. And yes I have a cowlick too, and if you tease them just a little and hairspray, it keeps them to the side. And the more you do it, the more they learn to stay!


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