Becoming a Fashionista: Swimsuits!

3002So I came across this article and immediately went to Target and got this little beauty for $35!!!  Happy day!  In efforts to find a one piece, my swimsuits have always looked pretty swim team, but this one is cute AND modest AND inexpensive!  We literally walked in, saw the color and size I needed right off the rack, tried it on, bought it, and left in 15 minutes!  I can't even believe it!  Swimsuit shopping has NEVER been so easy!  Happy day!

P.S. This is picture the picture from the Target website-not me modeling it for you lol.  Glad we got that cleared up. :)

Where's your favorite place to find swimsuits?  (In the past, I've gone to a bajillion (approximately) stores trying to find something cute with no luck, so I'm really interested in your tips!)

1 comment:

  1. Just wait until you have to buy a maternity swimsuit! It was terrible! They are all old lady ugly :) I really like the swimsuit you got! Don't you just love Target!


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