Becoming a Dog Person What kind of dog do you recommend?
2. What cute dog names do you suggest?
3. Have a great weekend!


  1. Here are my top ten:

    1. German Shepherd
    2. American Mastiff
    3. Doberman Pinscher
    4. Rottweiler
    5. Leonberger
    6. Black Russian Terrier
    7. Argentine Dogo
    8. Beauceron
    9. Bloodhound
    10. German Wirehaired Pointer(or other dog of the griffon family)
    Not sure if any of them are hypoallergenic. :)

  2. I like puggles, yorki poos, palmeranians. Not sure if I will ever get one...but we will see. Yorki poos are hypoallergenic...don't shed. And a good name...well...if I ever get one I will name it Echo.

  3. a stuffed animal dog! You can take them everywhere and the don't make messes! I've always liked the name freckles for a dog :)

  4. I vote Yorkies.

    Why? Because of this:

  5. Chris, you WOULD recommend a bloodhound :)
    Emily: CUTE
    Sara: Freckles! Love!
    Danielle: That. is. awesome.


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