Becoming Someone with Rockin Hair Color

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your bang advice!  I'm using your tips, so we'll see if we can get this thing figured out.  Now, to color.  I have SUPER pale skin and really dark hair.  The dilemma: Do I rock the Snow White look (Dye it black and get me some bright red lipstick), or do I warm up it up a little?

Caramel highlights (Option 1)
A lighter brown (Option 2)
Black option (Option 3)
A style popular with celebrities in 2009?
Chunky red highlights (Option 4)

P.S. If you have any ideas besides these, PLEASE SHARE!  And if you have a picture that will give me a good visual, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER! 


  1. I VOTE OPTION 4!!! ...but you know that ;)

  2. I usually go dark for the winter and lighter in the summer - you know switch it up with the seasons. Whether it's the carmel high lights or the red highlights I think some sort of dimension would be GREAT for the summer months. I'm a fan of all of them but the dark dark. No offense to Snow White! ha ha.

  3. I am definitely I fan of the caramel highlights, especially with summertime here! Just be careful so it's not chunky - that happened to me once and I was less than happy. I also like the red highlights. I think that would be safer in having to worry about chunks, you know? I can't wait to see what you decide!


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