Becoming a Dog Owner

(At Gracie's Gang 5K race-Copper likes to lick my face)
We have the world's greatest puppy. I am completely smitten. He's cute, he's soft, he plays fetch, and he's pretty much house trained now. He has one teeny tiny problem-sleeping. He has a little bed in the guest bathroom, and he falls asleep quickly, but around 2 or 3 AM, he starts barking. So, just like the training videos told us, we take him to the bathroom, and we don't get him excited. BUT, when we take him back to bed, he continues to bark. All the videos tell us to ignore him, because he'll learn that if he barks, you'll come. (We've even tried to soundproof our door and his, but it's so loud)! We'll sit there for a half hour worried that our neighbors hate us and finally check on him. That's when we find that there's nothing wrong with him! He's just ready to play and run around! So, desperate for sleep, we give in and put him in the yard until we wake up. If you have ANY tips, please let us know. I miss my sleep.

Your very tired friend

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  1. Put a radio in the bathroom and have some quiet music on so he doesn't feel alone.


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