Becoming a Dog Owner

A few things:
-Copper now sleeps till 4AM instead of 3AM. Big deal, people. Big deal.
-To calm him down before bed, we watch The Cosby Show with the lights out. It's amazing. That show does the trick better than anything else. Thank you, Bill!
-Copper loves TV but kept barking at the football game that was on last night. Smart puppy. Smart smart puppy.
-Also, I am a complete push over. If he nips at my fingers, I tell him no, but kind of in the high pitched sweet talkin voice I use when I tell him what a sweet puppy he is. Yeah, apparently that doesn't help in the training department, but I can't help it! He's so stinkin cute!

Have a great weekend


  1. Aha! he's preppin' you for the baby you guys are going to adopt soon! Gotta love early mornings and middle of the night wake up calls! How fun :)

  2. Don't you just love puppies?! They are so fun! Copper looks like a snuggler!


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