Becoming Someone: Hair Tutorial

I have a simple and easy hair tutorial to share. You can find it here. It's a quick twist to keep your bangs out of your eyes and is perfect for the days when I sleep in (Like today). Do you have any good hair tutorials to share? Also, what have YOU been doing to become someone? I'd love you to guest post and tell us all about something new you've been trying. Let me know if you wanna!


  1. I do the bang twist A LOT. I also like to braid back my bangs into a half French braid across the front similar to the twist. Super easy and great to pretty up dirty hair.

  2. I love your hair tutorials! I tried this one out today and really liked how it turned out. I have tried to become more organized with my time. It is no easy task with a toddler! They tend to have their own schedules, which at times is hard to work around when you have things to get done. I try to plan a week ahead of what I need to accomplish around the house, what I need to get done for my church calling, what I need to be teaching Kaidyn, etc. I have set days for specific chores/tasks. I get so much more done when I follow a weekly routine. I also love making to do lists! When I finish an item on the list, I check it off! It makes me feel more productive when I can check things off of my list. My next goal is to become a crock pot extraordinaire! Your blog has really inspired me to learn new things and become a DIY pro!


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