Becoming Ready for Halloween PLEASE. Remember how I am really bad at Halloween? Well I thought we'd just use last year's costumes again if we needed to, but Landon Paul had a work party. Ya can't really be half of a best friend charm, so he ran to Savers and got some stuff to be a lumberjack. Well, I just learned that I have a work party as well, and I'm kind of in charge. MAYDAY. What should I be/what is ridiculously easy to put together? Thanks.


  1. One year i dressed up as a lady that just woke up. Sounds dumb but it was fun. I wore a big robe and slippers and moo moo, ratted my hair into a mess and had blue eye shadow and red lip sick smeared on my face. Not sure if you wanted something cutesy or funny but this costume was fun not to mention easy. I just had to invest in a moo moo already had everything else.

  2. I saw a cute Candyland idea..."Wear a cute dress in the Candyland game theme colors (pastel pink and green). The more stripes and ruffles, the better! Attach lollypops, candy canes, gum drops, licorice, etc. to your clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Wear bright colorful make-up, hair and accessories."


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