Becoming a Mother

We don't know when we'll be chosen for adoption, but I'm trying to be prepared. A few questions:
  • What are your favorite baby products?
  • Do you have a baby/parenting book you recommend?
  • Where is the best place to shop for all things baby?
Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm currently reading happiest baby on the block. It's great! I'm excited to try some of the baby calming tricks it suggests.
    I buy lots of baby stuff in Amazon. Diapers included. If you sign up for amazon mom and subscribe and save you get 20% off products plus free 2 day shipping. It's fantastic!
    Baby products I couldn't do without: swing, bouncer, diaper changing mat, boppy pillow (not just for nursing. It cradles babies so they can sleep propped up).

  2. I'm actually in a parenting class right now and the books we're reading in class are 10 principles of Basic Parenting by Steinberg, and Unconditional Parenting by Kohn. Both great books our teacher really emphasis making sure you have the spirit when reading any parenting books so that you know what's truth and what isn't. We love our swing, we got the fisher price papsan one and my son will finally be put down during the day in it! For shopping we love getting stuff off Amazon as well, and we've gotten lots of diapers from Costco for way cheaper then they are anywhere else and wipes too. Plus Sara told me that formula is cheapest there too. :) I'm sure Sara can give you lots of tips. :)Clothes we just shop clearance at any and all places. Mostly getting Carter's outfits for really cheap.

  3. One of my favorite baby items is the Munchkin Food Grinder, you can mash up foods to make your own baby food. Also a baby bjorn carrier. There are tons of different brands for carriers your could use. But extremely helpful for getting things done when a baby wants to be held or during walks/hikes without a stroller.
    We didn't have great success with generic brand diapers. Pampers and Huggies are our favorite. We buy Huggies since that's what Costco holds though.

    Baby Book: No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantry. The "Cry it out" method wasn't a good fit for us. I think this book is great.
    I also like the website:

    I like shopping at Kid to Kid for clothes, highchairs, strollers, toys... everything. They have both new and used. But we have done a lot of shopping there.
    Target can be a good place as well. Reasonably priced on many things I think.
    Costco for diapers, wipes and formula. Some babies do better on different brands of formula though, so you may want to try a few and see if you/baby have any preference.
    Carters has some great priced clothes as well.

    Sorry for the SUPER, SUPER, LONG comment!

  4. Costco for baby wipes and formula. Their formula worked better for fussiness than Enfamil and similar we used it
    For kaidyn. Target clearance racks for clothes. They are super cute and made better than shopko and WalMart etc. Mustela shampoo is the best spendy but way worth it. Kid to kid has some good stuff as far as gear and that but you can get new clothes for cheaper at target or for the same price as kid to kid. Most babies wear a size bigger than their age ex kylee is 3 months old but fits in 3-6 and 6-9 because a lot of baby clothes shrink. Don't buy too many newborn clothes because they grow so fast and will wear those outfits for maybe a couple of weeks. A blender works great for making baby food instead of buying a fancy baby food chopper. You can make tons more in a blender and it purées it better. BabysRus is way overpriced unless you are buying a stroller. Amazon is a great source for diapers and gear. READ user reviews before you buy anything! Butt paste is terrible diaper rash cream. Generic brand desitin from WalMart is the best and a&d is pretty good too. Invest in a new boppy not used cuz you will use it a lot and want it in good condition from the start. Costco has really nice and inexpensive convertible carseats. Toilet locks are a must trust me :) don't waste money on a changing table just get a used waist high dresser and have landon refinish it and then buy a table changing pad to place on top so it functions as a dresser and a changing table. Buy a good baby monitor but the video ones aren't necessary and will drive you crazy because you will want to watch your baby all night long. Make sure you have a good thermometer. Baby wipe warmers are a joke. They dry out your wipes and they don't keep the wipes very warm either. If I Think of anything else I will let you know

  5. When it comes to baby books, only buy board books or let them play with board books for a long time. Our local library does a "Baby Bunny Book Bag" that has a collection of board books (like 13 in a bag) that you can swap out. My girls love it. You should see if a local library does that. It'll let you know what kind of books your kids will like before you spend way too much on a brand new book they'll destroy anyways!

    We use Luvs diapers because they are still name-brand and quality, but for a fraction of the cost of Huggies or Pampers.

    Josh and I often shop at Babies 'r Us. While they are NOT the cheapest around, they hand out 20% off one item coupons like they are candy, and sometimes have great clearance on their clothes. Or they have a save $10 on $50 worth of clothes coupon. Even if you don't end up buying bigger things from there, it's awesome for testing out different strollers and things because they have a gazillon options.

    Invest in bibs that are NOT velcro... they are SO easy to take off. But, they are hard to find.

    I hate most of the sippy cups we have tried, but the one that works the best, is easy to clean, easy to grip, is the Gerber Graduates with the soft spout and handles. BEST one. Trust me.

    Also, for diaper rash, at the first sign of one you can put on a thin layer of antibiotic ointment. No need for fancy creams, unless you have a sensitive kid.

  6. Amazon is good for baby "things" and we buy all Andrew's clothes on eBay. The big lots make the pieces less than two dollars each normally. We search for pet and smoke free homes and the clothes are usually nice, name brands, and cheap.

    Name brand diapers always leak for us so we go with Sams Club brand. Although for the next baby we are changing to cloth diapers. Our friends in Alabama (a lot of them) use them and there are a lot of benefits. Cheaper, cuter, and eco-friendly being three of them.

  7. Julie,


    I don't have your email address. But my friends sent me this, and i'm sure you already know about it, but I thought that I would send it to you just in case.

    Hope you have a great day!

    P.S. if you haven't heard about it, i'm sure that you could get a lot of people to fill it out. :)


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