Becoming a Reader

I just finished reading The Sleepeasy Solution. Their tips are supposed to help your baby sleep through the night. I enjoyed it and learned some good things. It's hard to give a solid review until we actually try it/have a baby, but I'll let you know if it worked for us when that time comes. (We did try a few of the tricks on Copper, and his nighttime barking calmed down if that's an indicator lol).

I thought the main points made sense: Make the environment dark and quiet, stay on a routine, etc. Good stuff, a little redundant, but I'm guessing they thought the reader would skim it. Have you read it? Do you have another baby book you recommend?


  1. I haven't read this one, but read the No-Cry Sleep Solution book. I also thought it had some great points that just made a lot of sense to me.

  2. I loved Babywise with Jay. He is the greatest sleeper because of this book. It focuses on scheduling and teaching a baby to self soothe. With Ty, because he has reflux, we did Happiest Baby on the Block. At first, it was a miracle. The idea is to create an environment for the baby similar to when he/she was in the womb. Swaddling, swinging, shushing, laying on their side, and sucking on a pacifier. It was great at first because it was the only thing that put him to sleep. Now that he is five months old, however, it is a nightmare! He became so addicted to that environment that we have to break him of each habit one at a time. He literally would only sleep in his swing for the first 3 months of life. Breaking him of that was awful! Currently, he is off everything but swaddling and sucking on his pacifier. Looking back I would not choose to do this book unless you are desperate (aka colic or extreme reflux)! Ty is so much more high maintenance than Jay about sleeping. My vote is Babywise. It's a lot of work for the first 3 months but I'm still reaping the benefits 3 years later.

  3. I took tips from Babywise and then The Baby Sleep Solution. I found middle ground between the both of them and liked how they worked out.

  4. I loved Babywise and Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. I don't think any 1 book as all the answers to every situation- but finding a book that makes sense to you- as was previously mentioned- and works for you family and baby- is what I would recommend. (Babywise saved my life!!)

  5. I have some books that I recommend to moms. Here they are.

    Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. The author is a doctor and has studied children's sleep extensively. I let moms whose babies' sleep patterns drive them crazy borrow it, and it's solved them each time (six of us, so far). Heidi is a happy girl and sleeps well, and I attribute a lot of it to this book. (It's a bit different from the No-Cry Sleep Solution, which from what I've seen, is the Mom-cries-often Sleep Solution.) I think we had three nights of crying to sleep. Out of a year of going to sleep with zero crying.

    Brain Rules for Baby. How to raise a happy, smart, moral baby, according to neurological evidence.


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