Becoming Someone's Wife

This month Landon Paul and I are focusing on making family home evening a consistent habit. We always joke that every night is FHE since it's just the two of us, but it's important regardless of your stage of life. To make it happen more consistently, we've put it on the calendar for every Monday night. (Writing it down is supposed to help, right)? Then we have one of us is in charge of the lesson and the other in charge of the activity and switch each week. Simple, quick, and easy (Hopefully lol).

How do you make FHE work for you regardless of your stage of life?


  1. Before the little ones came we made FHE an extra date night! Now since our kids aren't quite old enough to grasp a lesson, we usually go swimming, or go to the park and enjoy time together as a family. It is hard even now with kids but still very important.

  2. We also had a hard time and felt like every night was FHE/date night for us when it was just the two of us. We still miss days every once in a while, but we try to hold it the same day we realized we forgot to hold it that Monday.
    Right now we switch weeks with who's in charge and does the lesson. Our FHE are quite short and simple so that we can keep it good and happy for a two-year-old.
    Good luck this month! It's a great goal! :D

  3. My in-laws gave us a book "FHE for Newlyweds" and we love it! We give it as a gift at every wedding we go to now. We've been using the ideas for almost 3 years now, and they're such fun little activities that help us improve our relationship, our spirituality, and our habits. It's about 10 bucks at Deseret Book and I totally recommend it! We also make it sort of formal by having an opening prayer and hymn, a scripture, a lesson/activity and, of course, refreshments! Good luck--it's one habit we're actually good at and it makes me really look forward to Monday nights!

  4. We like to invite other couples over to make it more exciting and fun. Usually we still do the lesson and they bring a game or dessert.


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