Becoming a Cook

I've been trying some recipes from pinterest lately and YUM.
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We made these Baby Breakfast Quiches for dinner, and they were so good! I just substituted the wheat flour for a rice flour and sorghum flour mix to make it gluten free. Try it, and let me know what you think!


  1. What did you use in place of the flour? Do you have a replacement flour that is your favorite? So far I've taken the mindset of, "Most of the stuff that I'm trying to replace isn't healthy anyway, so why not just eliminate it?" But in some cases where something calls for a tiny bit of flour, I'm lost.

  2. I have a large bin full of different gluten free flours, and I use different ones for different recipes. For this recipe, I used a rice flour and sorghum flour mix. I use that mix more than any other gluten free flour I have and don't even notice the difference.


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