Becoming Older

Andrea and I have been best friends since we were four, AND we share the same birthday.

We celebrate it together every year, and in recent years, this celebration has included redeeming  birthday coupons. Last night we got a free Red Robin burger and a half off Cold Stone dessert. (Ya gotta get on these birthday club lists, folks. Totally awesome).

Andrea and I just get each other. She's the best friend a girl could have, and "I don't have a single childhood memory without [her] in it." (Name that movie).


  1. What day were you two beautiful girls born on again? JK will never forget! Love you girls!

  2. Sweet Home Alabama! Also, this is cute. Way to be ladies, way to be.

  3. What a sweet tribute. I love Miss Andrea too...your blonde twin. Happy birthday to you both. Come home and we'll party!

  4. this may be my favorite post ever. what...? so i may be partial but let's be real. i have the best best friend ever.


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