Becoming Bynes

She's the Man (Widescreen Edition)Last night Landon Paul and I had a sleepover on the fold out bed in the front room.  Our normal bed is way more comfortable, so it doesn’t exactly make sense, but sleepovers are fun, so we sleep there every few days.  The husband said I could pick ANY movie I wanted (A DANGEROUS proposition), so we watched She’s the Man, of course.  It’s one of the greatest movies of all time, and it pretty much describes my life growing up.  Quotes & facts to prove it:
  • “You and your brother look scary alike from the back.  Must be your total lack of curves.”-Monique to Viola
    • Someday I will get curves, but until then, I’ll shop at Vici’s.
  • “How did I end up with a daughter that only wants to kick a muddy ball around the field all day?”-Mom to Viola
    • My mother is a dancer.  I'm a soccer player.  We giggle about this often.
  • “Why don’t YOU date him?”-Viola to mom
    • My mom didn’t think I was nice to boys.  NOT TRUE!  But she would always defend whoever I was dating, and the conversation would end with me saying, “Why don’t YOU date him?”  (My mom and I have a Gilmore Girls-type relationship.  We talk about everything).
  • “I have a strict no-ruffles policy.”-Viola to mom
    • My fashion rule.  
  • “She will do great things.”-Viola to Monique
    • A sarcastic phrase I often use in my efforts to say something nice when I shouldn’t say anything at all.
  • “When debutantes disagree, they say it with their eyes.”-Crazy debutante lady
    • That’s just funny.
  • I’m no good at push-ups
    • But I’m getting way better since doing P90X!
  • I dated the guy’s varsity soccer goalie but really loved Channing Tatum.
  • I hated dissection day in science.
  • I pass out easily.
    • If you become a witness, don’t be alarmed.  I’ll come to.
  • Freshman initiation
    • In the movie, the freshman on the team get thrown in the bathroom and have food thrown all over them.  My freshman initiation to the varsity soccer team included dog food and shaving cream while tied with ropes to the other two freshman on the team.  It’s not hazing.  It’s initiation!
So, it’s a fact.  She’s the Man IS the story of my life, and Amanda Bynes is genius.  The end.


  1. A. love love LOVE that movie.
    B. did you know Amanda Bynes officially declared that she is "retiring"!? She said Hollywood's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm both admiring of this and truly saddened.

  2. I looked it up as soon as I saw your comment and can't believe it! We need to have a day of mourning!


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