Becoming a Family History Pro: Grandma Sweetie Pie

Grandma always called her grandkids sweetie pie.  My cousin Bryan, then a toddler, started calling her Grandma Sweetie Pie, and the name just stuck.  Over the Fourth of July weekend, grandma and I had a wonderful talk, and I was able to get to know her much better.

Harriet Lerner said, "We are never the first in our family to wrestle with a problem, although it may feel that way...Learning how other family members have handled their problems similar to our own down through the generations, is one of the most effective routes to lowering reactivity and heightening self-clarity” (The Dance of Anger. 117-118).

Grandma Sweetie Pie and I have similar medical problems, and I first asked her about it so I could tell the doctor about my family's medical history history.  Our conversation quickly evolved into sharing how to handle it-physically and emotionally.  I have lamented that it must have been easier "Back in the day" for various reasons, but my eyes were opened to see that there were challenges back then that I hadn't thought of.  Medicine has improved so much which gives us greater hope then they used to have.  She told me stories of my extended family who have had the same challenges and felt strengthened by their courage and success.

Talk to your grandparents, talk to your relatives, find out about where you came from, and have a wonderful weekend.

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