Becoming Bear Grylls: Frog in Boiling Water

When Landon Paul and I were dating, he took me to Cabella’s.  I had obviously never been, and he wanted to show me the wonderment of all things outdoors.  It's a mighty impressive place.  I’m not their target market, and I don’t get the thrill that Landon Paul and others do by it, but it was a good broadening my horizons/understanding men kind of event.  He took me to the shooting area where you could shoot fake guns at fake animals for points and taught me how to hold and shoot the thing.  It was quite the moment since the only gun I’d ever touched was full of water.
As we walked out to the car, I told Landon Paul, "This reminds me of that story about the frog in boiling water."  (You know the story.  It’s the one where the frog doesn’t realize the temperature is being slowly turned up until it has been boiled to death.  People tell it to explain that people who are trying to get you to do something you’re not supposed to start with little things and before you know it, it turns into big things).

It was massive!
I was right.  A few months later, I was shooting real guns.  Well, this weekend was my turn. I’ve always had a love/passion/obsession with Gilmore Girls.  I always have a disc in the DVD player, and when I come home, I watch an episode as I clean and make dinner.  I go through all of the seasons and then start from the beginning again.  Landon Paul has never fully appreciated Gilmore Girls, but this weekend, as I was folding laundry, he sat down and watched/folded with me.  When the laundry was done, he didn’t move.  He continued to watch until the end.  HE EVEN LAUGHED WHILE WATCHING!  Apparently I have some frog in boiling water skills up my sleeve, too! :)

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  1. That last picture of the two of you is SO cute!


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