Becoming a Cake Decorator: Level Two

Our handiwork!
Day one of level two was a success!  Jenn and I had a blast!  In level two, we'll meet once a week and make flowers from gum paste and fondant.  We'll make the flowers for three weeks, and on the final class, we put them all together for one totally fantabulous cake (If all goes well).

I think everyone and their dog should take a cake decorating class.  It's an hour and a half of giggling girl time-how fun is that?  Interesting fact we learned: People prefer eating cakes in pastel colors than dark colors.  Who knew?


  1. So fun, I'm starting to learn a few things myself about cake decorating from a friend that makes wedding cakes! I made my first yesterday for Todd's bday! It was a 3D basketball cake! Fun, can't wait for gracie's birthday so I can make another! Glad you're loving your class!

  2. A 3D basketball cake??? That sounds sweet! Well done!

  3. Hey Julie, Nice job! I took those same classes and remember learning to make those same flowers. Looks like you're going a great job! Cake decorating is a great skill that will save you lot's of money for the rest of your life. No need to pay those high prices at the grocery store bakery for a cake that doesn't even taste good. You can do it yourself!


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