Becoming a Crocheter: Oh Boy

So things are improving, as you can see.  I can now get farther than the first chain, but why does everything I make go in circles?  I've tried over and over, watched different tutorials, enlisted the help of my mom, and no luck.  I don't want to make hot pads.  I want to make scarves!  I thought crocheting was going to be relaxing and perfect for road trips and such, but this is brutal.  AND my ball of yarn got in the knot of the century, and it took six hours in the car to untie half of it.  Yup, half of it.  Quitting never looked so good, but I've spent way too long in my efforts to get this, and I will beat it.  (I reserve the right to take that back if things continue).  Help please.


  1. A book that has really helped me out crocheting is call Learn to crochet the easy way. it shows how to do the different stitches and has some really easy patterns you can do too.

  2. You are doing awesome! i tried to learn how to crochet earlier this year, and all I could make was a REALLY, REALLY long shoe string. Circles are definitely an improvement from shoe strings :)

    Good Luck!

  3. it goes in circle because of one of two reasons. either you missed a stich somewhere in the rows (so its important to count when your learning) or you started out with loose stiches and got tighter.

    It took me a year to finally finish my first thing and i still have to concentrate really hard and count all of my stiches! good luck!


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