Becoming All Ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only 8 days away, can you believe it?  We'll be celebrating with Landon Paul's family this year, and I think I need to bring a side dish.  Any ideas for me?  Also, have a looksie at our Thanksgiving decor.
Lit leaf garland from the parentals' care package
Gourds for the centerpiece
Candles making things cozy
Harvest kitchen towels (Also from the parentals)

On another note, WHO'S SEEING HARRY POTTER THIS WEEKEND?  Landon Paul surprised me with tickets for this Friday night!  I'm SO EXCITED! 


  1. Very festive decorations! And I'm envious of your Harry Potter tickets. Have fun watching the beginning of the end :)


  3. Easiest Thanksgiving side dish(and quite possible the most delicious): Candied Yams! Get yams from the produce section at the store, peel them and cut them into chunks. Top with butter, brown sugar and miniature marshmallows and bake at 400*F until the yams are soft (just poke 'em with a fork to tell if they're soft- like when you boil potatoes for mashed potatoes). If you want an even easier version (as peeling/cutting the yams can be difficult sometimes), skip the fresh yams and use the canned variety- however, I think fresh taste better . Just cook the canned yams until all of the toppings melt together to form a sauce and the yams are warmed through. Enjoy!

  4. I also forgot to tell you...

    For an 9 x 13" pan of yams, I'd use 1 stick of cold butter diced, and then sprinkle over the top brown sugar and marshmallows until the yams are covered, or until you're satisfied!


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