Becoming a Couponer?

photoFirst of all, thank you so much for your comments!  I'm officially going to learn to crochet from a MASTER and have learned that you can't make red frosting with food coloring.  What would I do without you???

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We attended two Christmas parties, one for our Church and one with Landon Paul's extended family.  We skipped two other parties, but ya gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

So everyone is telling me how much $$$ they save couponing, and I think it's time I give it a try.  I've written before about how we save money without coupons, but it's worth a shot.  This is all about trying new things, right?  What are your tips?  What websites/papers/other things do you use?  What stores have the best deals?  How do you keep it organized?  We'll see how this goes!


  1. I would talk to people in your ward to see if any of them coupon, so you know what they use. we personally use to get what the best deals are going around at each store and it goes by state too. for stores normally albertson has some really good deals most of the time. that's actually where we do most of our shopping. As for getting coupons besides what in a newspaper you can go to and they'll give you coupons as well. there is a good website that you can go to that actually has a section for those new to couponing too.

  2. oh and a great way to help organize is either get a binder with some trading card protective sheets to put them in. or you can use a ecordian(sp)folder to put them in divided by groups like food, cleaning supplies, for fun. we only go for the things that we'll actually eat or use too, and then if we have the money by it in bulk and if you do it right you can get great food storage for cheap. my sister does this and something will happen where they can't buy food for a while and so they live off all the food she got from couponing. (sorry for writing so much)

  3. I gave up on coupons! It takes up way too much time and I end up buying things that I dont really need just because I have a coupon. They are great for soaps,makeup,snacks etc but not so great for meal planning! I also discovered that many of the store brands are still cheaper even if you have a coupon for a name brand and the taste isn't much different :) I hope you have better luck with coupons!


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