Becoming Someone: Guilty Pleasure Bachelor is my favorite guilty pleasure.  I get together with my girlies each week to watch it, and we all laugh hysterically.  It’s the perfect thing to make fun of with friends and an excuse to get together.  We have a great time.

My faves: Ashley S., Jackie, & Emily
My least faves: Michelle & Madison

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure, and who are you rooting for on The Bachelor? 


  1. DANGIT! Did this just start? I missed it! Hahaha, this is definitely one of mine too. Dangit.dangit.dangit. I can't believe I missed it!

  2. I missed it too! When do you watch it?! This show is so hilarious! I may have to come join you sometime!

  3. I totally agree with your favorites! Especially Emily. When she told her story I loved her so much, I wanted to cry.


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