Becoming a Reader: Stargirl

Stargirl (Readers Circle)Stargirl is the first book of the year with my neighborhood book club, and I thought it was so sweet.  Stargirl is the new girl at school who wears crazy clothes, carries her pet mouse with her, sings to her ukulele, and talks about 'enchanted places.'  She's a mystery girl but so endearing.  She literally spends her days doing service for others, always empathetic, always sincere, never thinking of herself.  It was so sweet and an easy read.  I wish I were as cool as Stargirl (or Ferris Bueller, we watched that this weekend, so good).  Has anyone else read it?  What did you think?


  1. I haven't read it, but I might have to. I'm stuck on the all the John Grisham books right now. They're pretty sweet, and hard to put down!

  2. I read it a long time ago for my book club and I agree with everything you said. I think I just might have to read it again.


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