Becoming Someone: Guilty Pleasure

Emily (Spoiler Alert) The Bachelor keeps getting rid of the girls I like!  First Ashley H., now Jackie.  Man!  I was glad he sent Alli home, bless her heart, AWKWARD.  My faves of the remaining are Emily and Chantal (When she's not being intense).  I think Emily will make a great Bachelorette next go around.  I don't know if they're right together, but I hope so!  She's so sweet!  Chantal and him have chemistry up the wazoo, and she's sassy and fun.  Will she go all the way?  I'm not going to mention the fact that he sent Jackie home over Michelle...but seriously!  Michelle is NUTS, and he's nuts for not being completely freaked out by her.  What say you?


  1. Sorry Julie, Matt and I love to watch this show every once in a while and mock it endlessly. :)

  2. This show is ridiculous in its nature, (like how Brad's like, "I've never cheated on anyone" but the nature of the show is kinda being a player, and cheating on them all at once), BUT I've been watching this season for some strange reason. Michelle is hilarious to watch. She's crazy. Of the remaining girls I am definitely rooting for Chantal. She's normal, down to earth, not super girly or high maintenance, fun, relaxing, and they do have the best chemistry. Emily's sweet, but she needs to go through therapy like Brad did.

  3. I'm with you. I like Chantal and Emily the most. I really want him to end up with Emily but if they do, she needs to go to therapy with him. Just to help her commit a little better then they can live happily ever after! Michelle. AHH! She drives me nuts. I think the only reason he keeps her is because he likes to kiss her. She's just to bossy and bipolar.


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