Becoming a DIYer: Easter Blocks

I made these blocks for Easter on Saturday.  Landon Paul cut the wood for me.  Then I sanded the edges and got painting.  Once it was dry, I put scrapbooking paper on top with glue dots.  After that, I cut the letters out with my cricut.

I made Believe blocks for Christmas the same way.  It's a fun project. 

What fun things are you doing to get ready for Easter?  I'd like to make a wreath, but I've never done that


  1. hey my friend made the cutest wreath for valentines day that i can email to you if you want...i'll need your email address though

  2. Buy a Styrofoam wreath, wrap it in a bright color of duct tape, hot glue jelly beans on it, then tie Easter ribbon on it to hang up. Simple but really cute!

  3. I LOVE making blocks like this! Fun fun fun. I've never made an easter wreath though. I'm going to look up ideas....

  4. Hey Julie! Here is an easter wreath idea for you
    It's kinda cute!


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