Becoming Someone: Hair Help!

1. I want to dye my hair-Should I go darker?  Lighter?  Highlights?  Help please :)

2. What is your best hair tip?  Do you have a favorite product?  A favorite secret?  Do tell.

3. Have a fantabulous weekend.


  1. I love the dark hair too, but something that looks gorgeous on brunette's is some carmel highlights mixed in! Just a thought.

  2. I just wrote my answer on FB. HAHAHAHA

  3. ok. ahem. my opinion.

    for you, because of your skin tone, going with blonde with most likely wash you out. you are already I vote a nice deep red! if you can afford it, go in and get it done for the first time, then you can do it out of a box. if you just want to go straight out of the box, then my roommate just died her hair a very nice red (she had brown hair) from some Garnier Fructis stuff for dark hair she found. she said the product actually bleaches the hair a tiny bit before putting in the color so it will actually show and not just layer on your dark. do not get chunky highlights, ask for them to weave them in...and I vote red and carmel on the highlights if you just go that route. you could even do a hair melt from red to carmel. do you remember when I was red and had those blonde melts in my hair. yah. like that.

    and that is my ever-so-humble opinion on what you should do with your hair :)

  4. wow. major typos in there. *will. *dyed. *there should be a question mark after "...blonde melts in my hair."

    I think those are all...


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