Becoming a Soccer Coach: Day 2

My feet are calloused and my back is sore, but last night was so much fun! Remember this guy to my right from the greatest movie of all time? He was in charge of the field training last night. Yup, bald, loud, making fun of people who messed up. It felt more like player training than coach's training. I felt like I was at tryouts again, and it was SO AWESOME! I don't usually get all soft on this blog, but you'll have to indulge me, being out on that field, playing with these excellent players, learning from great coaches, having fun, laughin, sweatin, shovin, passin, scorin, mmmm, it was bliss. Say a prayer that I have kids that are good at soccer that I can coach! But for reals. We have class training on Friday and then ALL DAY field training on Saturday. I'm gonna be so sore. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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