Becoming All Ready for Christmas: Black Friday

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  We spent it with Landon Paul's family, and it was just great.  I had my first fried turkey, and it was AMAZING!  I couldn't get enough!  In his family, it's a bit of a tradition to shop on Black Friday.  In the past, I've had them pick me up at noon, but I thought I'd try something new: 2:45 AM-1:00 PM.  YIKES!  Ever since watching Jingle All the Way, I've been nervous about Black Friday shopping, but it wasn't too crazy, just long lines.  I learned something very important: My head is extremely foggy at that hour.  We went to Kohl's, Walmart, the mall, and Sportsman's Warehouse.  Good news: I am completely done with Christmas shopping.  I've become much better at shopping for Landon Paul over the years.  He always tells me I can get him anything from Cabella's, Sportsman's, or Sears.  I don't know nothin about anything in those stores, so I always ask for help.  The guys at Sears were helpful, as always, and what they didn't know, other patrons helped me out with.  An employee at Sportsman's helped me find what I had on my list, and then I asked, "What do YOU want for Christmas?"  (Always ask that question.  You'll find great stuff).  Him and his buddy got excited and took me to something that they were just giddy about.  Landon Paul is going to be surprised.  I can't wait!

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